A unique album of historic lithographs called "Travels of Prince Waldemar of Prussia to India (1844-46)" was presented to the public by the Head of the Cultural Department of the German Embassy, Dietrich Graf von der Schulenburg in Chandigarh.

The formal ceremony took place on 20th November 2016 at the Government Museum and Art Gallery in the presence of Navjot Randhawa, Director, Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Government of Punjab, the Director of the Government Museum, Ms. Kriti Garg and Mr. Surinder Maken, Director of Goethe-Zentrum. The initiative by the Government of Punjab to publish this album makes it possible to view India of the mid-1800sthrough the eyes of Prince Waldemar.

The strong desire to explore the unknown world and to understand other cultures made Prince Waldemar at the age of 27 to start the greatest adventure of his life. He started his expedition in September 1844 and reached Calcutta in January 1845. Destinations of his field studies included Patna, Kathmandu, Benaras, Delhi, Nainital, as well as the regions of the Himalayas up to Tibet.

The outcome of his trip to India where large numbers of notes, essays and observations on the cultural, historical, social and political scenery of India, a valuable collection of Indian arms and armor, and a comprehensive herbarium of plants.

Last, not least Prince Waldemar was also a very talented artist. During his stay in India, he made hundreds of fine sketches and watercolors, depicting landscapes, village life, monuments or the adventures of the Anglo-Sikh battles. These were skillfully turned into lithographs later.

Visit of German Ambassador to India - Mr. Walter Lindner- on 25th July 2021

On 25th July 2021, the German Ambassador Mr. Walter Lindner visited the Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh and interacted with the German leaners. During this interaction with the German learners, the Ambassador asked them about their purpose of learning German and their future plans. It was an interesting session of 45 minutes. After that, His Excellency had a discussion with the staff of Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh. The discussion was about the courses, exams and cultural events in the past and in the future. Mr. Lindner stayed for almost 2 hours at the Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh.

Launch of Album - Glimpses

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