German Courses and Examinations

We have different batches to suit the learner's convenience. Please choose the type of course. If you have any questions, kindly contact us through the mail, on phone or personally. You can choose from a longer (extensive courses) or a quicker (intensive or super intensive courses) study period in our standard courses. There are week-day courses and week-end courses. The details of the language courses are given below.

The examination dates mentioned below are tentative. External students must write a mail for an examination seat 2 months before the exam dates mentioned below. We have very limited seats for external students. The seats are allocated on "first come first served" basis. Exams till B1 shall be held at Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh and the exams for B2 and C1 shall be held at Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

Course Duration Course starting on & Class timings and Tentative Exam dates Course fee
A 1 Special  Course for spouse visa applicants 12-14 Weeks
15 teaching units per week, : Monday-Friday; Total classes: 180-210

Course date; 11.07.2022- 13.10.2022, 9: am - 11:30 am, Exam date: 14.10.2022

Course date; 08.08.2022 - 10.11.2022, 11:30 am - 2:00 PM, Exam date: 11.11.2022

Course date: 12.09.2022 - 08.12.2022, 09:00 am - 11:30 am, Exam date: 09.12.2023

Course date; 10.10.2022 -11.01.2023, 11:30 am - 2:00 PM, Exam date; 12.01.2023

Course date: 14.11.2022 - 09.02.2023, 9:00 am - 11:30 am, Exam date: 10.02.2023

Course date; 12.12.2022 - 09.03.2023, 11:30 am - 2:00 PM, Exam date: 10.03.2023


Rs. 30000/-
A1 Intensive Course Duration: 8-10 Weeks
15 Classes Per Week, : Monday-Friday;
Duration of the class: 2 Hrs: 15 minutes
5 Days a week
Total Classes: 120-140

(09:00 am - 11:30 am), Exam date; 09.09.2022

(11:30 am - 02:00 pm), Exam date; 14.10.2022

12.09.2022-10.11.2022 (09:00 am - 11:30 am) Exam date: 11.11.2022

10.10.2022 - 08,12,.2022
(11:30 am - 02:00 pm), Exam date: 09.12.2022

14.11.2022 - 11.01.2023
(09:00 am - 11:30 am), Exam date: 12.01.2023

12.12.2022 - 09.02.2023, 9 am - 11:30 am, Exam date: 10.02.2023

Rs. 24500/-
A1 Week-end course 14 weeks, Saturdays and Sundays On demand -9:00 am to 1:00 pm Rs. 24500/-
A1 Exam Preparatory Course 3-4 Weeks You can join anytime 9.00 am  to 11.30 am or 11.30 am to 2:00 pm Rs. 7000/-
A2 Intensive Course 12 Weeks
15 classes of 45 minutes each per week; Monday-Friday, Total classes: 180

11.07.2022 - 07.10.2022(11:30 am - 2:00 pm) ! Exam date: 08.10.2022

10.10.2022 - 05.01.2023, 9:00 am - 11:30 am, Exam date: 06.01.2023

B1 Intensive Course 12 Weeks
15 classes of 45 minutes each per week; Monday-Friday, Total classes 180

11.07.2022 - 13.10.2022, Exam date: 14.10.2022

17.10.2022 - 12.01.2023, Exam date: 13.01.2023

Rs. 30000
B2 Intensive Course 14 weeks, 15 classes of 45 minutes each per week; Monday-Friday, Total classes 210 On demand - Flexible Rs. 30000/-
C1 Intensive Course 14 weeks, 15 classes of 45 minutes each per week; Monday-Friday On demand - Flexible Rs. 30000/-

Special courses are meant for those persons, who want to apply for a visa for long-term stay in Germany and have to pass the SD-1 exam. These courses include 210 lessons of 45 minutes each. (You can enter into the course crosswise if you have previous knowledge and if there are seats available in the appropriate class!)

The above course fee does not include examination fee and GST. However, the cost of books and other study material is included in the course fee.

  • The fee for A1 and A2 each exam is Rs. 9000/- plus 18% GST and for B1 fee is Rs. 12400/- plus 18% GST.
  • Fee for each B1 Module is Rs. 4500/- plus 18% GST.
  • The Examination Fee can be transferred online
  • In case of D/D, the Demand Draft should be made in favour of INDO-GERMAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURAL SOCIETY payable at CHANDIGARH.
  • Please check the spellings of INDO-GERMAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURAL SOCIETY while getting your draft made.
  • Demand drafts with wrong spellings or over-writing or cuttings will not be accepted.

Terms & Conditions

1. General Requirements
1.1. All courses are designed for adult learners. Participant must be at least 16 years of age and a proof of age should be furnished at the time of registration. However, there are courses for children below 16 years, i.e. Fit in Deutsch 1, Fit in Deutsch 2, Zertifikat Deutsch fuer Jugendliche.

2. Terms of Payment
2.1. The course fees is payable at the time of registration. We accept payment only through online transfer OR Cash OR Demand Draft/Cheque drawn in favour of "INDO-GERMAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURAL SOCIETY CHANDIGARH".
2.2. If full payment is not received by the due date, the participant loses the right to participate. In such cases, the Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh retains its entitlement to the course fee.

3. Course fee
3.1. The contractually binding fee is the fee stated in the price list at the time of application.
3.2 Unless stated otherwise the GST and the cost of the books are not included in the course fee.

4. Cancellation and refunds (Courses)
4.1 In the case of cancellation prior to the start of the course, the course fee shall be refunded after deducting an administrative charge equivalent to 10% of the course fee. No refunds shall be made after the commencement of the course.
4.2 Cancellations must be submitted in writing.
4.3 Should the Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh cancel a course, the full course fee shall be reimbursed.

5. Examination fee
5.1 The contractually binding examination fee is the fee stated in the price list at the time of application. Only those who have paid their examination fee in full are eligible to take the examination.
5.2 Course participants can up to 6 months after the end of the course take the central examination of the corresponding level as an internal candidate. However, this is valid only if the language office has been notified in writing prior to the examination date that he/she will not be taking the examination.

6. Cancellation and refunds (Examinations) 6.1 The fees are based on the local fee regulations that are currently in effect. Only those who have paid their exam fee in full upon registering may take the exam.
6.2 If an exam is not taken for reasons of illness, the exam fee will be credited only once for the next/following examination date, provided a medical certificate has been furnished prior to the commencement of the examination.
6.3 Should a participant be excluded from the exam (see Section 12 of the exam guidelines of the Goethe Institute), the exam fee will not be refunded.

7. Retaking the Exam
7.1The exams specified in Sections 14.1 and 14.2 of the Goethe Institute Exam Guidelines may be re-taken any number of times in their entirety; over and above this, individual modules of the modular exams specified in Section 14.2 may also be re-taken any number of times. The exam center may set certain deadlines for a retest date. This date will be indicated in the communication regarding the exam result. There is no legal claim to a certain exam date. See also Section 11. Exam Guidelines of the Goethe-Institut

8. Course participation certificate
8.1. Participants with minimum attendance of 75% are eligible to write the examination or are entitled to a Course Participation certificate.
8.2 Examinations are not mandatory. However, participants have to pass the international examination of the current levels to qualify for the next level. Here are links for more information:
Start Deutsch 1: Terms and Conditions for the Exam Adminstration A1:
Start Deutsch 2: Terms and Conditions for the Exam Adminstration A2
Goethe-Zertifikat B1: Terms and Conditions for the Exam Adminstration B1
Goethe-Institut - Examination Guidelines -01. September 2020
Supplement to the Terms and Conditions for Exam Administration: Exam Participants with Special Needs
Information for Exam Participants with Special Needs

9. Course level assignment/ class size
9.1. Candidates with prior knowledge of German, who wish to apply directly for a particular level, are required to take a Level test conducted by the Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh. On the basis of the result of this test, the candidates will be placed in the appropriate course. Entry into a running course is only possible if seats are available at that particular level. Level test so conducted shall be valid only for the current or the ongoing course. Former Students are eligible to take the level test only after a gap of 6 months from the date of last registration.
9.2 Our courses have minimum 8 and at most 20 participants for the levels A1 to C1. If enrolments are insufficient on the starting date, the Goethe –Zentrum Chandigarh reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course. In this case, we will offer the participants the opportunity to move to the next/another course or to receive a full refund of the course fee.
9.3 The choice of class and the chosen time slot are binding. Changes may be allowed upon request and with the permission of the Director, GZ Chandigarh.

10. Liability of the Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh 10.1 The liability of the Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh and its staff shall be limited to intent and gross negligence. The Goethe-Zentrum Chandigarh will have no liability for cancellation of its services due to force major (e.g. natural disasters, fire, floods, war, official orders and all other circumstances beyond the control of the contractual parties).